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Hong Yik Stone has been producing and supplying stone monuments in Johor. Feng Shui cemeteries, temples, building decorations, garden decoration projects, as well as stone tablets for wholesale and retail businesses.  
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Our Team

Alex Lim
  Alex Lim   CEO
Advancing with the times,
but not forgetting tradition
Alex witnessed his father start Hong Yik Stone Sdn Bhd on his own as a child. As a child, Alex was fascinated with antiquities and fine arts. Growing up at his father's side, he learned the craft from the ground up. As technology advances, the number of skilled craftsmen in the handcrafted stone tablet industry has decreased and master craftsmen's skills have been gradually lost. Alex Lim upholds the business philosophy of "advance with the times, not forgetting tradition", which has changed the company's operation. The company began using various equipment and machinery. The majority of complex carving projects have been replaced by machines, including precision cutting, sandblasting, polishing, and image engraving.
Lilie Ong
  Lilie Ong   General Manager
She is the wife of the current CEO Alex Lim. Joined Hong Yik Stone Sdn Bhd in 2006, reorganized the company's internal management, and completely modernized the traditional business model. With regard to personnel management, Lilie has cultivated many talents for Hong Yik Stone Sdn Bhd.
Cai Zi Hwan
  Cai Zi Hwan   Operation Manager
In 2006, Cai Zi Hwan joined Hong Yik Stone Sdn Bhd as a clerk. She was promoted to senior management manager in 2019, responsible for internal and external management. Leaders of the production department have been sent to China to learn new machine technology operations, as well as represent the company to customers in East Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Cambodia. The next year, she became the operation manager of Hong Yik Stone Sdn Bhd
  谢东辉   Operation Supervisor
Soaiman A/ L Sedik
  Soaiman A/L Sedik   Site Supervisor
我是同益石業的Soaiman A/ L Sedik,职务是现场主管。负责为一些订单开料加工,处理Site问题,以及工程进展。
  黄丽芳   Account Executive
  Loh Chiao Ling   Sales Coordinator
Ms LoH work under the sales department as a Sales Coordinator at Hong Yik Stone Sdn Bhd. Maintaining professional relationship with work Colleagues and customer. Making design by arranging Chinese font at customers tombstone. Attain customer for making tombstone. Arrange production for making tombstone. Request for quotation. Arrange for delivery.
同益石业 Hong Yik Stone
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