About Us

Stone monuments have been used from time immemorial to commemorate the contributions of ancestors, carve out legends, remember major events, and even as a tombstone for future generations to cherish, crafted by superior craftsmanship and exquisite stone. Hong Yik Stone Sdn Bhd has been producing and supplying stone monuments in Johor since 1976. Natural stones like granite and marble have been used to build Feng Shui cemeteries, temples, building decorations, garden decoration projects, as well as stone tablets for wholesale and retail businesses.
For more than 45 years, Hong Yik Stone Sdn Bhd has been following the business philosophy of modernizing without changing traditions, maintaining local customs and culture, funeral customs, and gradually replacing labor with modern technology to create high-quality stone products. Additionally, our business philosophy has opened up a whole new horizon for the traditional stone industry.
Natural stone emphasizes durability and practicality. A stone product can be designed according to local traditions, funeral customs, and Feng Shui requirements. Hong Yik Stone Sdn Bhd is regarded as an expert in stone selection, design, carving process and installation due to the hot and humid climate of the region. Our stone tablets are expertly crafted to last for more than a hundred years.